14 Jul

Please find attached the CV’s of our Technicians, Electrical & Instrument Fitters & Electricians.
I) CV’s for Technicians
1. Technician : CV_Technician_PPJL-014
2. Technician : CV_Technician_PPJL-015
II) CV’s for Electrical Instrument Fitters & Technician
1. Electrical Instrument Fitter : CV_Electrical & Instrument Fitter_PPJL-016
2. Electrical Technician : CV_Electrical Technician_PPJL-017
3. Electrical Instrument Fitter : CV_Electrical Instrument_PPJL-018
I) CV’s for Electricians
1. Electrician : CV_Electrician_PPJL-019
2. Electrician : CV_Electrician_PPJL-020
3. Electrician : CV_Electrician_PPJL-022
I) CV for Electrical Maintenance
1. Electrical Maintenance : CV_Electrical Maintenance-PPJL-021

The names of personnel or consultants from designated registration number of the resumes/CV’s are only available for customers who are submitted RFQ (Request For Quotation) to us. Kindly send your RFQ at the following email address:

Thank you.


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